Why your support is needed

The mountains are suffering in Italy more than anywhere for the lack of interest by the institutions outside the tourism areas, causing a disregard having concrete effects. The terraced landscapes are an example of this neglect: after being maintained for centuries thanks to human care, they are now  abandoned and on the way to collapse, after the crisis of the agronomic activities.

Una squadra al lavoro per recuperare un terrazzamentoThe heritage of these domesticated lands does not belong only to mountain people: the ruins of the "highlands", in fact, flows downstream and soon involves the balance of the "lowlands". A new pact between the mountains and the plains is needed to support these landscapes. The support of the urban world to the care for these places is a way to save the values conveyed by the mountains.
So the idea of involving all mountain lovers has been conceived, to ask a form of support which is not only the tourist fun, but the commitment to sustain the delicate balance between man and environment. 

Support the mountains in River Brenta Valley!